POC Card now available to People of Color to counter the White Privilege Card

Proposal for people of color to have the same privileges as white people

We know that white people get special privileges in America simply because of the color of their skin. This takes the form of the ever-coveted white privilege card. Fortunately, through a cultural and political push, liberal arts majoring students from UC San Francisco are proposing an official “Person of Color” Card.

The POC Card is a specific form of identification given exclusively to registered people of color. This effort is to offset the effects of unfair white privilege and state funded entitlements that are already exclusively available to only white people.

Upon registering for a POC Card, people of color will be directed to choose which privileges they would like access to. Furthermore, applications for the POC Card Will go through a review process which will then determine who is eligible for these entitlements.

These entitlements, simply put, will be paid for by taxing the upper 1% up to 85%. That means all eligible people of color will finally be rewarded appropriately and will no longer be victimized by the white supremacist and racist laws that have been keeping them oppressed all this time.

If you are a person of color who wishes to apply for the exclusive POC card, please click the link below and you will be directed to the application form.

CLICK HERE: POC Card Application Form

Please share this information with every person of color you know so that equality can finally be achieved. Diversity is our strength.


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