We won’t have true gender equality until women are paid more than men

Women need to be paid more for it to be fair

It’s no secret that women are paid only 70 cents to every dollar that a man makes. This has been the case for generations and though we as a society have made steps in the right direction over the past few decades, we are far from true equality.

Women are paid less because of the patriarchy. The patriarchy, in essence, is the international organization of male dominated systemic forces primarily adept at oppressing all aspects of women’s lives. Be it abortion rights, rights to vote, rights to dress however they want, rights to accuse anyone of rape or sexual assault, rights to suffrage and of course, rights to equal pay. Women get paid less because men (more specifically, straight white men) see women as inferior.

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This can only be balanced when women begin to be paid more than men in order to make up for centuries of discrimination. It’s not enough for women to just be paid the same as men and expect all to be right with the world. That would be akin to a mass murderer killing several people and getting off with a mere apology. We can’t allow this. Women need to be paid more than men for at least fifty years, otherwise it simply doesn’t count.

A team of students from UC Berkeley who are majoring in Women’s Studies are petitioning to demand this justified payment for all women. If passed, the True Gender Equality Proposition will appear on the ballot the next election cycle. If this passes, companies across the nation will be forced to pay their female employees more than their male workers – and strict audits will apply to those who attempt to cheat the system.

This is why we need feminism. This is why we march in the annual Women’s March. This is why we need higher taxes and this is why America needs to embrace full on socialism. Diversity is our strength.

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