The Patriarchy Explained – how literally ALL men are guilty

It's literally ALL men and anyone who disagrees is a part of it

America is one of the most oppressive countries to women in the world. Compared to other countries – any country – women in the US have it worse in every case. Women are paid less than men, they are sexually harassed and assaulted, they aren’t taken seriously and have close to zero rights.

The perpetrators of this vast gender inequality is due entirely to the patriarchy. Men. White men to be specific. Men have historically gone out of their way to make the lives of women as difficult as humanly possible, as if it’s their mission to make every aspect of their lives inconvenient, frustrating and miserable. Men have it easy specifically because they offset all of the troubles in their narrow worlds onto women. Women are second class citizens.

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Women are constantly living in fear. Every waking moment of being a woman in America is stricken by paralyzing fear of getting attacked, assaulted, raped, harassed or offended. Because of this patriarchal society that favors men over women 100% of the time both legally and culturally, women have never felt truly safe in this country. This is perpetrated by every single male. Every single man in this country is irreparably guilty.

Luckily, the days of the patriarchy might be nearing its end. A group of male Liberal Arts students from UC San Francisco are publicly disavowing their masculinity, manhood and everything that makes them male. They are aware of the damage they have caused and are on the front lines with the attempts to reverse the effects of the patriarchy.

I was born male and I identify as male, but I understand the damage I have caused to women in America by simply being a man. That’s why I am publicly disavowing my masculinity. I am nothing. I will be forever subservient to women unconditionally. Anything they want, I will provide. All of my money will go to them. I am guilty and I will spend the rest of my life making up for being male.

  • Joshua Crackhammer, UC San Francisco

This is a good start, but it’s not enough. Not nearly enough. The patriarchy is vile and must be fought tooth and nail without remorse. Feminism won’t win until all men are abject subordinates to women. There is no way around this. It’s almost 2019 and we cannot just be satisfied with the minor victories of third wave feminism.

The future is female – dismantlement of the patriarchy one protest at a time

The Future is Female. This is a truth that we must hold dear in order to dismantle the patriarchy. There may be victories in small battles but the war will not be truly won until all men submit themselves to the true dominant sex. Feminism should no longer be about reaching equality. Men have had it too easy for too long. It’s time to replace the patriarchy all together. The future is female.


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