Rumors around CNN headquarters suggest Jim Acosta considering running for President 2020

"...if win the next game I playing in 2020, I'll be staying in the White House for at least four years"

Few things are deniable in our ever changing world – and one of them is the absolute fact that Jim Acosta is a respectable and honest journalist with integrity, modesty and principle. He’s a true American hero who uses his skills in dialogue, questioning and writing to accurately describe the world around us. Trump hates him, which by default, makes him a pristine pick for CNN’s correspondent. 

Jim Acosta was forcefully kicked out of the White House after he simply questioned President Trump on his various xenophobic policies. As predicted, the reasoning for his removal did not hold water, and he managed to get his press pass back – a true victory against our dictatorial president. However, weeks after receiving his press pass back, had something interesting to say regarding his time at the White House.

I won this time against President Trump and believe me, it won’t be the last. I can’t disclose anything at the moment but let’s just say that if win the next game I playing in 2020, I’ll be staying in the White House for at least four years – and you won’t have to worry about the Trump administration ever again.

  • Jim Acosta, closed door press interview December 2018

Our sources say that he won’t rule out running for president in 2020. This is a wonderful step in the right direction and will surely be one of many options to put our country back on the right track. With respectable candidates like Stormy Daniels running as well, Trump’s hope for a 2020 victory appears to be waning every passing day.

Furthermore, through a joint correspondent meeting between CNN and MSNBC, our sources have told us that Rachel Maddow is planning on running for office as well. If we are to be optimistic, could we possibly see a presidential ticket of Jim Acosta and VP Rachel Maddow? We can’t rule that out either.

If we see Jim Acosta running for president in 2020, we will begin to see honesty and integrity be re-introduced into the white house. Trump should be shaking in his boots at the thought of Acosta sitting across from him once again during a presidential debate. Diversity is our strength.


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