It’s time to investigate ALL Trump supporters

It's time to “send a couple of guys over” to any Trump supporter

By B.W. Styles – Chief Whitehouse Correspondent

Before the 2016 election, Trump supporters had ample opportunity to understand why their behavior was was morally and possibly criminally wrong. These supporters, after all, were supporting a man who advocated sexual assault and grabbing the front holes of unsuspecting individuals who identified as female. These supporters also knew that a highly qualified woman was picked to further social justice initiatives spearheaded by our only black African-American President, Barack Obama.

These Trump supporters, like Trump himself, are complicit by association in a crime against Democracy – in other words, treason – and should be investigated. If necessary, these individuals need to be prosecuted depending on the extent to which their supporter for Donald Trump was expressed.

It’s time to “send a couple of guys over” to any Trump supporter, according to former FBI director and American hero, James Comey. The FBI needs to interview, investigate and prosecute.

Political science majors from UC Irvine have put together a solution that could, if implemented correctly, change the course of American history. As we know, Republicans and conservatives are directly to blame for the current outcome and state of our destroyed nation. Their solution is to round up all up all these criminals in a kind of camp and re-educate them in a mixture of social justice, gender studies and to have them read the Communist Manifesto until they recant their republican affiliation.

Clearly something needs to be done. Regardless of the actual solution, just as we know that gun confiscation work to reduce gun violence, we know that addressing every Trump supporter individually will reduce the chance of them voting Republican in the future. Our Democracy depends on it.

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