Tik Tok is a platform for hate speech, bullying, misogyny, racism and a gateway drug to the Alt-Right

If left unchecked, the Tik Tok app will create more conservatives in Generation Z

Tik Tok is the latest social media platform that generation Z is using to share videos similar to vine. Since Generation Z is the cohort of individuals that are coming after millennials, many people between the ages of 24 to 37 are finding it difficult to relate to the odd humor being portrayed on this particular platform. Millennials, of course, are primarily the progressive left who know how society should run – and the fact that there is an overwhelming number of young individuals using a platform that liberals don’t dominate, frankly, is terrifying.

Users of the Tik Tok app are using the platform to mock the so-called “sensitivity” of millennials and social trends. This is offensive and problematic and if left unchecked, these users can outright reject progressive values entirely. If this happens, we as a society will be threatened.

Tik Tok is indeed used for hate speech in that it’s loosely moderated. It’s not like Twitter where offensive and problematic tweets are rightfully removed and the users who posted those tweets are justifiably blacklisted from the job market. Tik Tok is used for bullying, misogyny and racism as well while progressive millennials are able to do less and less about it. This platform is indeed a huge threat to the progressive movement considering the generation that’s primarily using it – is coming next.

Perhaps it’s time for progressive leftists to get on the Tik Tok app and start teaching these young individuals about Democratic Socialism, gender diversity, racial intersectionality, transgenderism, the wage gap and the patriarchy.

Because as it stands now, users of Tik Tok are utilizing this platform to show disdain for the values that we as a society have worked so hard to achieve. Generation Z should be discouraged from using this platform entirely. Instead, they should use Tinder and Grindr like we do – and we turned out fine.

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Tik Tok needs to ban the hate speech, racism and misogyny from its platform otherwise the app will continue to serve as a gateway drug to the Alt Right. The last thing we need is a younger generation that cannot be swayed by millennial influence because that means they might turn out to be conservatives. We can’t have that – because we’ve seen what it can lead to. Diversity is our strength. We need higher taxes.

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