Political activists push for the United States to join the EU

True globalism starts with joining the European Union

As Trump claimed countless times, he is a nationalist. Most agree that he is a white nationalist, but when it comes to American politics and our roll in the world, he claims to want to put “America First.” This of course means that we’d be leaving every other country behind. This is flat out wrong since there are so many marginalized individuals in the world that we have a moral obligation to import and naturalize before everyone else waiting in line.

In the European Union, Emmanuel Macron from France and Angela Merkel from Germany are great examples of how to effectively lead. They have their countries under control and people love them for it. Their immigration system works, it’s inclusive and literally no one gets left out. Their economy – especially France – is booming with progressive values and ideals.

Brexit was bad, plain and simple. Britain leaving the EU set a bad example for the rest of the world. It was a national temper tantrum thrown by a country who didn’t like the rules set by its parent. The European Union has a set of guides when it comes to immigration, cultural assimilation and economic viability – everyone is allowed in, no one is allowed to question and taxes can/should be through the roof to subsidize said immigrants. America can break away from the influence of Britain by joining the EU.

Liberal activists from the University of California, Santa Cruz are touring college campuses around the nation to rally individuals of voting age to take part in their political push for the United States to join the European Union. It will be a step in the right direction – globalism.

We need to “Make America A Team Player Again” by having our great country join entirely with the strongest forces in the western world – the European Union. Since most white Americans have European roots, it will be more than accepted among the American populace to become a part of the EU. We were the colonizers then – and anything that’s been done can easily be undone with the right motive. Globalism is the future.

  • Alejandro Mouselano, UC Santa Cruz

Once the United States joins the EU, we will be one step closer to being under one world government – the way we were meant to. Nationalism is white supremacy, racism, bigotry and hatred. Nationalism is the opposite of globalism, which is love, economic well-being, diversity, socialism and freedom. Anyone who opposes this idea is simply not American.

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