Mandate proposal for companies to hire undocumented immigrants

California will be the first state to require a quota for hiring undocumented immigrants

California took a huge step in the right direction when a proposition was put on Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom’s desk suggesting a quota for the hiring of undocumented immigrants for companies within the state. With the influx of undocumented immigration occurring because of the migrant caravan, these individuals are in need of the entitlements of regular American citizens. The government can only do so much, so forcing companies to pick up the slack is the next rational step.

If passed, companies and businesses in California will have a requirement to hire at least one but no more than 400 undocumented workers, starting in March of 2019 – regardless of the nature of the job itself. All companies within the state would be required to hire at least one undocumented immigrant, or else otherwise penalized for every month an undocumented immigrant is not working there.

Why is this? Simply put, undocumented immigrants are fleeing their culturally enriched, yet economically disadvantaged countries in search of a better life and better future for themselves and their families. It isn’t fair for companies to discriminate against people of color simply because they weren’t born in America and didn’t follow the rules to get in.

Businesses will be mandated one undocumented worker for every 20 documented citizens it employs, with no more than 400 undocumented workers per company.

Furthermore, these companies will be required to pay these undocumented immigrants a living wage – which may range between $15 and $25 per hour – and full coverage health insurance. This revolutionary mandate will spur the economy and grant the state more economic freedom than ever before. After all, we depend on undocumented immigrants – it’s time we give them everything we can.


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