What to expect from racists in 2019

Racism Year in Review

By W.D. Styles – Chief Racism Editor

Racists were busier than ever in 2018, which was expected considering what’s been appropriately labeled the “Racist-in-Chief” occupying the White House. The raw stats are depressing to say the least — hate crimes up a staggering 69 percent and police murder of innocent suspects are up 23 percent. Furthermore, male African-American unemployment is now at record highs.

Few bother to ask: what emboldens racists to act out so abrasively? The Southern Poverty Law Center — and other watchdog groups — including the University of Arizona’s National Institute of Civil Discourse — find that increases in hate crime directly coincide with increases of dog whistles themselves. Dog whistles are the “on buttons” to racist action. Looking at the number and type of dog whistles introduced in 2018 is likewise depressing.

This year brought us the “It’s OK to be White” alt-right sign movement. The movement was started by the KKK and traveled into alt-right Reddit chat groups. Experts say that when an “It’s OK to be White” poster goes up on a college campus, hate crimes go up by 32 percent within a matter of days.

It’s OK to be white – one of many Nazi alt-right propaganda pieces

The second major dog whistle of 2018 was the “OK” sign. The “OK” sign might be the biggest symbol of hate since the Nazi salute. Brett Kavanaugh’s supporters flashed the sign multiple times at his house hearing. It was a message to Trump supporters: go ahead rape women and burn crosses on the lawns of black homes. What makes this symbol so insidious is that it was directly responsible for Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

The white supremacist OK symbol being flashed in the background behind Brett Kavanaugh

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Since the confirmation, abortions are now banned in 21 southern states. An un-named source from the SPLC said 10,000 women in Alabama alone have died as a result of that particular dog whistle – and that was only 2018. Like Polish Jews in 1938, we hope next year will be better. However, next year is gearing up to be far worse for people of color and the LGBTQAIPS community.

Researchers at the University of Arizona identified these dog whistles being tested in Russia with the help of the KKK. Look for them. Speak out against them. Resist and keep an eye out for the following:

1. Wearing yellow safety vests, especially when walking dogs. The signal says: “I support anti-communist riots in France and I hate Muslims.”

2. Bumper stickers depicting hetero-normative families. The signal says: “I am against trans-sexual hormone therapy for six year olds.”

3. Saying “thank you” to strangers at gas stations.

It’s well known that racists recruit the working-class in early mornings as workers buy Monster Energy drinks and tobacco products to start their day. Saying thank you is a way to start a racist discussion. Good riddance 2018. But don’t expect 2019 to be better unless Mueller finally stops the folly of the Trump regime.

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