Opinion: “Undocumented Immigrants” should be referred to as “Foreign born Americans”

If you identify as American, you ARE American

There’s a stigma around the term “undocumented immigrant” even though there is nothing about it that should be shameful or avoided. However, this does not stop people from jumping to various conclusions about individuals who were not born on American soil. Regardless of whether or not these immigrants become documented, naturalized or legalized, they are Americans nonetheless.

There really is no such thing as an “American Citizen” since American citizenship is more of a state of pride in one’s country, rather than a government-recognized title. Just like how marriage is between two people who love each other, regardless of whether or not it’s state-recognized, citizenship behaves the same way. If you identify as American, you are American.

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For this reason, “undocumented immigrants” should be referred to as foreign born Americans. This is because these immigrants (people of color) are coming to America to become Americans. A slip of paper does not make someone American and in turn, should not deter someone from the respect, entitlements and privileges that come along with being a naturalized American citizen.

This is why we need to raise taxes and switch our entire economy from stringent capitalism to a more positive and accepting form of Democratic Socialism. We need the funding to make these entitlements (such as health care, education, housing and food) free for those who identify as American. These foreign born Americans are just as as American as someone born here and should be treated as such.

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