Inevitable: Trump Regime Will Soon Fall

A military coup is now a possibility

By B.W. Styles – Chief Whitehouse Correspondent

NPC Daily has learned that everyone in the military hates Trump — from top generals to newly enlisted troops. All are livid that President Trump is unilaterally winding down wars across the globe, but particularly in the Middle East.

Two events happened last week that could bring about a coup.

The first is Trump’s irresponsible decision to pull our troops out of Syria. The decision was derided by experts that see a need for the US to remain in protracted conflicts. These wars boost recruitment, improve troop morale, and improve our economy because they are expensive. Max Boot, an expert on the Trump Presidency, noted on CNN that he has never seen troop morale this low.

The second event was General Jim Mattis stepping down as Secretary of Defense. This is significant because most of the enlisted men, women and transgenders signed up to fight for Mattis. “Our country was founded on genocide by slave owners,” a person who is regularly a guest on CNN but asked for anonymity because the sensitive nature of the coup. “The enlisted don’t want to fight for America, and certainly not Trump. They want to fight for Mattis and they want an opportunity to die in Iraq, Afghanistan or Syria.”

Jim Mattis resigning

“We don’t know when the military will move on Trump,” this expert said. “If Mueller’s investigation doesn’t bring about a coup legally, than the military might have to do it.”

This expert pointed out that the military option has a benefit: Hillary Clinton will be installed a the provincial president, while a new constitution is drawn. “Clinton is the natural appointed president,” the expert said. “Hillary won the 2017 popular vote by 4 million. She was picked to be the president then and will be picked again after the coup.”

The new constitution, being written now by the Southern Poverty Law Center, will not provide for the electoral college. It will guarantee women and men the right to an abortion. Most importantly, the new constitution will ban hate speech and all guns.


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