NPC Daily Exclusive: Trump-Russia Collusion Confirmed

How Trump and Russia stole our election

By B.W. Styles – Chief Whitehouse Correspondent

NPC Daily, in association with CNN and ProPiblica, has poured over thousands of government documents, spoken with dozens of former Obama officials and members of the intelligence community. The information we exclusively obtained indicates that Trump is guilty of colluding with Russia. And, it now appears that most of Trump’s immediate family could soon be indicted.

Immediately following the 2016 election, polls indicated that most CNN viewers believed there was Trump-Russia collusion to steal the election from Hillary Clinton. Many CNN viewers and hosts are becoming impatient with independent counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation because the guilty pleas resulting from the Mueller investigation have been process crimes, unrelated to the collusion allegation.

However, sources close to the Mueller investigation tell us: just because two years have passed and there has been no formal allegation of collusion, doesn’t mean there won’t be charges brought against Trump for that crime.

“Although the FBI was listening to most of Trump’s phone calls and has hundreds of thousands of emails related to the campaign, it takes time to process the information,” a former Obama official said on condition of anonymity. This official and others said it is not unusual for an investigator with Mueller’s experience to take several years to a decade to answer a simple question.

Here is what we know so far about the investigation into Trump-Russia collusion:

Prior to the 2016 election, FBI and DOJ officials teamed with the Clinton Campaign and the Obama administration to investigate Trump’s ties to Russia. Although there was no reason to believe — at that time — the Trump campaign was colluding with Russia, Hillary Clinton was mired in several controversies, one regarding the sale of US uranium to Russian entities. Obama and DOJ officials, along with high-ranking career FBI agents, wanted a Trump controversy to make the election more equitable and fair. As two separate FBI or DOJ officials, who both worked on exonerating Clinton in two separate investigations, wrote, “—uck Trump.”

Robert Mueller, head of the Trump/Russia collusion investigation

In secrete meetings, Obama officials — including Susan Rice, head of national intelligence, and Samantha Power, a former social worker and ambassador to the U.N. — worked with high ranking members of the FBI to secure information about Trump and his ties to Russia. If accurate information wasn’t available, allegations were made up about Trump associates and leaked to the press. This process was known as “unmasking,” and was a critical component to stopping the Trump-Russia collusion.

The Clinton campaign worked with a law firm, Perkins Coie, so as to disguise illegal campaign payments to foreign nationals. NPC Daily has learned that through this firm, the Clinton campaign hired a foreign national and former British spy, Christopher Steele, to investigate Trump. NPC Daily can now report that what Steele wrote, with the help of Russian counterparts, was damming. The report proves among other things: Trump hired hookers to urinate on him in a Moscow hotel.

That information might not seem believable considering Trump is a germaphobe and eschewed human contact with the public prior to running for President. However, the information from Steele was accurate enough to petition judges to allow the FBI to wiretap Trump advisors. Before the election, Trump advisors were spied on. After the election, the FBI was able to spy on high ranking Trump officials, including Trump himself. These wire taps have already yielded two guilty pleas from Trump associates.

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One Hillary supporter and former FBI official we talked to said: “We know everything. We have the entire crime family on tape. We even have Barron on tape asking for a grilled cheese sandwich.” The same official — and now CNN contributor — said we can expect other indictments based on these wire taps.

In reviewing the leaked “FISA” applications, NPC Daily learned that career FBI officials including James Comey and Rod Rosenstein attested to the veracity of the allegations against Trump advisors.

For more than two years, Trump has attempted to obfuscate the FBI and DOJ probes, calling the investigations “witch hunts.” But, our sources ask the following:

Why would Obama officials, members of the intelligence community, Russian spies and the Clinton campaign lie about Trump or his campaign?

Why is Trump complaining about the investigation? As former FBI director and life-long Republican, James Comey said: “if you are not guilty, act like it.”

As one source puts it: “Mueller has all of the relevant information and has been slow-playing his winning hand. Patriots from the Clinton Campaign, Russian foreign agents, officials from the DOJ, FBI and CIA are still working with Obama officials to justifiably frame Donald Trump. Mueller just needs more time to put it all together.”

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