Intolerant Christian baker under fire for not baking abortion cake for teen on Christmas Eve

Yet another example of intolerance and bigotry in America during the holidays

Christian bakers are more prone to committing acts of intolerance and bigotry than the average American baker, and a Christian mom-and-pop bakery in suburban Colorado is following this disturbing trend. Breaded Bakery Ltd. in Colorado is the latest perpetrator of our racist, xenophobic and sexist culture brewed up by the fraudulent tax evader who falsely won the 2016 election.

The owner of Breaded Bakery Ltd., Stephen Camarillo was approached by Nancy PeCourban, a nineteen year old who had fallen pregnant after a co-ed sorority party. Obviously, being pregnant was moderately inconvenient for her lifestyle so at a crisp fourteen weeks, she decided to get an abortion from her local Planned Parenthood. To celebrate her liberation, she decided she wanted to throw an abortion-themed party with her best friends. She heard good reviews from the Christian baker fifteen cities over and decided to contact Breaded Bakery to have them create a cake in the shape of an aborted fetus with the words “Free At Last” written in red fondant calligraphy on Christmas Eve.

The sexist old-world conservative baker Stephen Camarillo refused her request.

This is once again a direct assault on women, women’s rights and people of color (even though Nancy was white). Christians are supposed to be accepting of everyone because that’s what Jesus teaches – yet they are the primary perpetrators of this kind of blatant bigotry. Stephen claims that the cake request is barbaric and goes against his values. Clearly – since his values are the oppression of women, his denial of making this aborted fetus cake is akin to sexual assault and should be treated as such.

Breaded Bakery Ltd. should be boycotted. Stephen and his family should forever pay the price for not tending to the needs of perfectly rational requests. Should Breaded Bakery (a cherished local business founded in 1971 by Stephen’s grandfather) go out of business from this bigoted act of aggression, justice will be served. There is no place for sexism of this magnitude in this country.

This is why we need feminism.


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