Opinion: How to Solve Income Inequality – A Progressive Solution

By B.W. Styles, Chief Whitehouse Correspondent

Editor’s note: This is a B.W. Styles editorial, which is not part of Zer Styles’ objective, unbiased and ongoing reporting.

Income inequality is a problem with a solution.

Let that sink in, fellow progressives. We. Can. Fix. The. Problem.

Most problems like global warming require deplorables to stop driving their SUVs to Walmart, where they fill up on guns, soda and animal products. We can regulate gas and sugar taxes but we can’t stop the fat, white mob from driving and breeding. That is an unsolvable problem.

But, we can fix income inequality in industries we control.

Take for example, entertainment, media and journalism: we control it — all of it. We control movies, TV, social media, the internet, publishing, and the news. We can fix income inequality within our own borders.

Why does a courageous actress like Angelina Jolie need to get paid $15 million per movie when a courageous community stage actress gets paid $50 a night? Why does Google CEO Sundar Pichai get paid nearly $200 million a year but some Google employees make just $38,000 for working just as hard? Why does NFL commissioner Rodger Goodall make $31 million a year, but Colin Kaepernick makes nothing?

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Progressives control these industries but we are doing nothing to stop unjust and unfair labor practices.

China found a solution: government caps the income of stars and guarantees a minimum to lesser-known actors. Venezuela, Cuba — and even North Korea — can find equitable income balance. But Hollywood can’t?

We all know Nancy Pelosi or Elizabeth Warren can’t waive a magic wand and get the nation’s incomes into equitable balance. But, progressives run the unions that control our industries. Unions can fix a lot of the problems.

The Screen Actor’s Guild could fix income inequality in Hollywood. Cap salaries and create a pool of funds to be distributed to the proverbial starving artist. The NFL Player’s Union could create an equal and just pay structure for their members. There is no reason that Aaron Rogers makes 22 times more than the long snapper.

With social and traditional media, we need leaders at the top who will lead by example. Don Lemon can tell CNN to drop his $3 million a year salary and spread the wealth to segment producers.

Pichai leads a fantastic company with a needed ideological purity test. Google does not welcome are and are rightly fires conservatives. If Pichai broadcasted his salary to others in Google, we know that conservatives will not reap the benefit. So why not do it?

Come on fellow progressives, let’s set an example for everyone to follow.

B.W. Styles is NPC Daily’s Chief Whitehouse Corespondent and unpaid intern. Born Caucasian, Styles is transitioning to Latino. Zer welcomes your feedback but is currently without housing and uses a public library for email correspondence. Allow time for response. Zer can be reached at styles@npcdaily.com

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