Mandatory hormone treatment for elementary school boys and why that’s a good thing

Preventing toxic masculinity at a young age

It’s no secret that there is a stigma surrounding transgender individuals or gender-nonconforming people who may identify as another gender, or having no gender at all. This stigma is perpetuated by gender roles, stereotypes, conservative politics and income inequality. However, the root of the entire problem both stems and causes toxic masculinity.

Toxic masculinity is a major problem whereas young boys consistently run the risk of becoming a perpetrator of sexual assault or rape when they grow up. Taking in to account that rape is anything ranging from the forceful and non-consensual sexual contact to simply getting a compliment or a smile from someone deemed not as attractive. None of this is okay and none of this should be accepted.

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Clearly teaching boys to not rape hasn’t worked in the past and there’s little evidence that it will work in the future. That’s why we as a society are limited to the next logical solution – mandatory hormone treatment for young boys through use of biweekly shots and pills. Generally speaking, school boys between the ages of 5 and 11 will have shots and pills twice per week with various dosages of estrogen and soy that will limit their testosterone development.

Some schools have already implemented this policy and the results are astounding.

Every Monday and Thursday, the boys in my second grade class are taken to the nurse’s office and given their shots and pills. So far none of them have sexually assaulted anyone yet – however one boy pulled another girl’s hair during recess. We have since tripled his dosage and added a third day to his treatment schedule. Everything is working nicely.

  • Victoria Albatross, Nevada Port Continental Elementary School 

It’s a slow solution but the problem will go away in a generation. We are hoping that more schools will adopt this policy and join Nevada Port Continental Elementary School in their effort to prevent the next generation of toxic masculinity.


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