Building a wall and keeping out undocumented immigrants is a form of voter suppression

Suppressing the vote of undocumented immigrants is unconstitutional

If there’s one thing that conservatives hate more than brown people and anyone who isn’t white – it’s when these brown people vote. Conservatives know full well that their entire base consists exclusively of cis-gendered heterosexual white people.

Furthermore, conservatives know full well that if given the opportunity, a non-white person would vote Democrat 100% of the time. So when conservatives try to make the point that they are “protecting our country” from “illegals” (which is a derogatory term to begin with) by building a wall and keeping undocumented immigrants out – what they really mean is they want to keep out people who will vote blue. There’s a word for this. It’s called voter suppression and it’s wrong.

As we all know, an immigrant is simply a person of color who wasn’t born in America. Since being an American is more of a state of mind than an actual provable concept, these foreign-born Americans can and should have every right to vote in American elections as Americans born here.

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The simple fact is, we wouldn’t have nearly the amount of votes necessary to place a good amount of Democrats in office if it weren’t for the votes of undocumented immigrants. Therefore, there are cultural campaigns from all sides pushing to end voter suppression for undocumented immigrants. They are just as American as the rest of us and their voice matters.

Building a wall, enforcing immigration laws or doing anything in anyone’s power to keep undocumented immigrants from coming into the country is, in essence, keeping them from arriving to polling places. It’s the harshest and most direct form of voter suppression there is – and it’s wrong.


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