Conservatives don’t want to admit that Obama is responsible for the recent spike in stock market

Obama solely responsible for the uptick of stock values

If there’s one thing that is certain during the Obama presidency, it’s that he greatly helped the economy and the stock market boomed under his administration. This alone proves that Obama is directly correlated and the cause of increases in stock market share value.

So naturally when Trump took office, the stock market appeared to do even better immediately following Obama’s two successful terms. Why? Because they were simply following the momentum of Obama’s success, only at a faster rate. However, inevitably, what goes up must come down. The stock market took a plunge during 2018 – and that can only be attributed to one person and one person only. Trump. He caused the stock market to crash this year.

However, over this past weekend – despite the government being shut down because of Trump’s temper tantrum, the stock market started to rise once again. In fact, the stock market saw its steepest increase and biggest spike in one day in history. Even though this happened during Trump’s administration, there is only one person responsible for this uptick of stock value. Barack Obama.

Obama responsible for the recent stock uptick

Thanks to Obama from two years ago, we now have a spike in the DOW that is fixing the economic mistakes and errors made by the Trump administration.

An important rule of thumb to remember – if the stock is going down, it’s because of Trump and his horrible economic and trade policies. If the stock is going up, it’s because of the success of Obama’s administration, regardless of when the upward trend occurs.


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