Environmentalists outraged because flowers are being killed for one day during Rose Parade

Yet another example of environmental disregard by conservatives

Another year, another sick cultural act of environmental massacre as yet another monument to environmental genocide parades down the many streets of America. Environmentalist students across over 30 universities are protesting the act of killing flowers simply to display for our self-important entertainment.

Generally speaking, the rose parade carries with it the same amount of disdain for the environment as your average Trump supporter or conservative. This seems to go unnoticed even by the most progressive liberals – but we know full well that these environmentalists are correct.

I don’t even accept flowers from my husband or boyfriend because the sick act of killing a plant for our pleasure is morally wrong and oppressive. When I see this awful parade of flowers every year, it makes me sick to my stomach. This is why we need socialism.

  • Brandice Canterpluger, UC Santa Cruz, Feminist Studies

Simply put, celebrating New Year’s Day by itself is a racist act because it completely disregards people of color and members of the LGBT community. Celebrating New Year’s Day by killing million of plants just so we can look at them in “awe” for a couple hours – you might as well look at the holocaust as “just a bonfire.” It’s sick and that’s why we need more Democrats in office.


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