Trump proposes a border “Hunger Games,” allowing citizens to shoot migrants

By B.W. Styles – NPC Daily Chief White House Correspondent

In October, President Trump floated a trial balloon to his closest advisers: selling hunting permits to kill immigrants. NPC Daily has learned that this proposal is what lead to John Kelly resignation as chief of staff.

Three independent sources with direct knowledge of the meeting, confirmed the proposal. Trump asked if hunting licenses could be sold, which would allow hunters to kill a maximum number of migrants. Trump proposed the idea to a group that included Kelly, Jared Kushner, Mike Pence, and Barron Trump, the President’s 12-year old son.

President Trump wanted raise money to build the wall through these hunting fees. Trump said that he could sell to his political base that “Mexico was paying for it” because dead Mexicans created the revenue and incentive for the hunting tags. Our sources, who recently left the FBI, said that Trump got the idea from Rush Limbaugh.

“John Kelly was horrified at the proposal,” one source said. “John said, no. Unequivocally. The others attempted to placate Trump.”

Our sources indicate that Kushner told the President that he liked the idea but was worried about “optics.” Pence told the President that he supported the idea of shooting border crossers but only if the guns shot paint balls and not real bullets.

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Barron Trump, the 12-year old son of the President, said, “great idea, Dad!”

Kelly has been concerned with Barron coalescing power within the west wing for some time. Kelly considered resigning six months ago, because Barron started to exert control over major policy decisions. For example, Barron was the first to suggest Trump remove troops from Syria.

Our sources said that Kelly alerted Ivanka, Trump’s daughter, to the Hunger Games proposal. Ivanka was able get President Trump to propose a different policy initiative, a $5.3 billion boarder wall, which everyone agrees will not work but will probably pass the Congress. “Wasting $5.3 billion is better than seeing migrants shot,” one of our sources said.

“John did the best he could do,” a different source said. “John is praying that Mueller will arrest the President soon. But, until then John needs some time off.”

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