A Trump Free Holiday

Your guide to an Inclusive Trump free winter holiday break

By Lilly P. Pinsol

Hello everyone I am new NPC Daily lifestyle blogger. I’d to share my experience of having a Trump free holiday. This is the first part of my larger travel series called A Feminist’s Guide to Traveling Without Trump. This is imperative that anyone who is part of the Resistance reads this article. If not to stop Trump, than at least for your mental health and sanity!

So I’m sitting here contemplating the state of my life on this beautiful crisp December morning. I am finishing up holiday with my parents as we celebrate bringing in the new year. We are here in Bali at a yoga retreat as our family decided to have a Trump free holiday. I would like to be inclusive so instead of saying “Christmas” I am using “holiday” for the duration of this lifestyle piece. I understand there are a lot of different diverse backgrounds I want to honor everyone for who they are.

As I’m sitting here enjoying the lovely sounds of the ocean, my lips are pursed. My pen is held high in my hand. I am holding my journal. I am listening to the ocean. I feel this sense of peace because I’m away from you know, the person who’s name I hate to say. The bad orange man himself. American politics has become a farce and really upsets me. It was so bad to the point that my family had to escape to have a Trump free holiday!

Everything with Trump has got a lot of us on edge. His rhetoric, his divisiveness, and his blatant disrespect for all protected classes of people is problematic. It’s a sensitive subject for some of us who are part of communities that require our needs catered to. It’s no wonder we are very much triggered all the time. I am not trying to be dramatic but it really does feel like we live in 1937 Germany. It is important to set time for yourself to get out of the country. You never know, with the way things are going, your family may have to relocate to another country to escape Fascism!

I am sitting here enjoying the beautiful ocean breeze on this Trump free winter holiday. My lips are pursed. My pen is held high in my hand. Journal in tow and I am reflecting on this time in my life. I am grateful and blessed to be privileged enough to have this Trump free holiday. Also the gender inclusive exclusive yoga retreat is simply amazing. After the 2016 election, my depression and anxiety went through the roof. My amazing parents decided to help my mental health by paying for our trip to Bali. This is the heart of a Trump free holiday. It’s about self care. It’s really important to take care of your mental health. Every time I hear Trump’s name, I literally get the ill feeling in the pit of my stomach. Many of us are dealing with lots of issues relating the biggest Fascist threat ever, so everybody has to take control of our mental health.

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Everyone needs a place that is safe, that they can retreat to. So for me, it’s really nice to have allies like mine for parents. It tough in this oppressive culture if you understand where I am coming from.

Let’s discuss the Trump Free holiday gender inclusive exclusive yoga retreat and its amenities. It’s completely vegan and free everything for 2 weeks (December 20-January 4). Unlimited everything includes: free green juice, free smoothies, 5 Star raw and vegan catering options, enemas, detoxing, and massages. You even get your own personal maid, private chef, and private yoga lessons. Mike and Starchild, who own the resort are incredible cutting edge thinkers. I only surround myself with the best people that are going to give me the best opportunities.

What is even more fascinating and not surprising to me at all: all the other Americans and Europeans at the resort also hate Trump. There were even several couples from China there who spoke perfect English and really despised Trump. They despised more than anyone I’ve ever met. It was really good confirmation that the whole world hates Trump and how bad he really is.

When the other guests heard of my family’s idea of a Trump free holiday, they all said it was a great idea! So much that the Mike and Starchild are going to start advertising and be the official hosts of a Trump Free Holiday. They have even paid Google to put their name in the top algorithm. When you google “Trump Free Holiday” Starchild’s picture comes right up!

Everyone at the resort had really lovely holiday season together free from the bad orange man himself. It was lovely to be away from the politics. To be away from social media and the moral panic outrage that is generating all throughout the world in response to Trump.

To sum it up! How to have a Trump Free holiday with my family for the next two years? Take a nice trip together somewhere in the Southern Hemisphere as it’s their summer. Get yourself lots of sun and do a detox. Meditation is good because that will help you center yourself so you don’t get so upset when you hear Trump’s name. Do something creative and unique. Most of all enjoy the unique time you get to spend your family resisting Trump. It feels incredible. I’m really about family values. The family that resists together stays together.

So as I’m sitting here lips pursed, pen held high in my hand, and I’m listening to the ocean. I have a few more days left to enjoy my Trump Free Holiday. Free and far away. Free from the constant changes in Trump’s administration. Free from Mueller’s investigation. Free from Putin and his robotic minions. Free from the news. Free from my Trump supporting neighbors. Free from my social media feed. Free from Tumblr. And free from Trump’s twitter.

Free from all responsibilities to life. Come love the dream with me! Check out more of my “Traveling Without Trump” series and take charge of your mental health!

Lilly P Pinsol is a millennial lifestyle blogger for the NPC Daily. She considers herself to be a foodie, enlightened thinker, yogi, and a travel muse. Lilly P. spends the majority of her time being a 5th wave feminist by fighting racism, sexism, Fascism, and resisting Trump online 24/7. She is lives with her 8 cats in Nashville TN.

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