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Why the “Constitution” is un-American and needs to be overhauled

The US constitution is out of date and needs a serious liberal make over

By NPC Daily Editorial Board

As progressives, we talk about “Our Constitution” and “Our Democracy” with reverence. Do we really think our system of government is good and should be protected?

Facts are facts: our Constitution was written by white, male slave owners. They were all colonialists, complicit in the destruction of what could have been a peaceful world. At the formation of “Our Democracy,” African-Americans were treated as chattel in law and worth two-thirds of caucasians for the sake of the “electoral college.” Trump is in the White House today because of the electoral college, a racist system created by racists for racists.

When the Constitution was ratified, women couldn’t vote, gay marriage was not allowed and transgender rights were never considered. The Constitution is the formative document that codified white patriarchy and institutionalized misogyny and racism. The “Constitution” is the problem when considering a more just and equitable society.

In 2016, the Russians came along, bought the patronage of Trump, and “attacked our Constitution and Democracy.” Why complain? Progressives should be thanking the Russians. Let’s stop attempting to defend the indefensible. “Our Democracy” and “Our Constitution” are not worth saving. If Russian “bots” destroy our system of government, good.

Ruther Bater Ginsburg told Egyptian media: “I would not look to the US Constitution” when creating a new government. She said that our constitution is too old and new governments should look to what was crafted by the South Africans. Great idea! Why are we not working on a democracy and constitution that we can take pride in? – a constitution that is written by women who respect human rights.

If Trump brings about an impeachment, new government and a new Constitution that respects the rights of women, gays, people of color, the indigenous, transsexuals, the disabled, those with body positive issues, Muslims, and those historically harmed by Colonialism and patriarchy, history will thank Trump. He will be viewed kindly, a dim-witted fool who made the county recoil and choose a better, more progressive path.

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