Elizabeth Warren is our only hope to defeat Trump in 2020

It's time we finally have a woman of color in the White House

Elizabeth Warren has just announced her White House run in 2020, and this is by far the best news we could have ever hoped for. Elizabeth Warren is a stellar candidate already who has proven herself fearless, witty, strong and above all – from direct Native American descent.

Donald Trump, as well as many other conservatives, have challenged her ancestry – as if there were any question that she most definitely has Native American blood running through her veins. Make no mistake, even though her heritage may be dilute ever so slightly past Avogadro’s constant, she would be unmistakably the first woman of color to hold the presidency.

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Her political stance is diametrically opposed to everything Donald Trump says and stands for. Trump wants a border wall, Warren wants open borders. Trump wants to bring jobs back, Warren wants to give those jobs to desperate migrants. Trump wants to lower taxes, Warren wants to raise taxes. Everything Elizabeth Warren wants is what our country needs.

The chief threat to Donald Trump – Elizabeth Warren

Trump has ruined our country – that’s no secret. A Warren 2020 run is exactly what we need. Change is just around the river bend. Beyond our shores, across the oceans, are massive amounts of migrants who want to come to our great country. The voices of American spirit will paint our nation with all the colors of the wind. NPC Daily supports Elizabeth Warren 2020.


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