Bird Box is Alt-Right conservative propaganda and should be boycotted

Netflix should be boycotted for showing such a hateful show


Bird Box is a Netflix original that has taken the internet by storm after it was released December 13th, 2018. What some are saying is a slightly better version of The Happening and comparable to A Quiet Place, some liberal arts majors and political scientists from various universities in California and New York are calling Bird Box out for what it really is – an Alt-Right propaganda film used to recruit more Trump supporters.

This obvious and objective fact is supported by a few key points throughout the movie – specifically pertaining to the character Douglas, the bald arrogant man in the movie.

First off, Douglas claims to “never be wrong.” Right off the bat, this character is reminiscent of Donald Trump, who is the embodiment of Alt-Right ideologies. From this, we see the writers of the movie catering to this character, which is problematic.

Douglas from Bird Box, portrayed by John Malkovich
  • Douglas tells his wife at the beginning of the movie to not go outside because it’s dangerous. She goes outside, gets possessed, and kills herself.
  • Douglas says that he doesn’t trust outsiders, that outsiders bring only danger.
  • When Gary, an outsider, came into the house, Douglas didn’t trust him. Why? Because he was an outsider. Gary then opened all the windows, subjecting everyone to the monster outside, subsequently killing nearly everyone.

So why would a show vindicate a character who has such an obvious disdain for outsiders just like Trump?

The cherry on top is when Douglas and the crew made it to the grocery store, got drunk from the liquor in the liquor aisle and made the damning phrase, “make the end of the world great again!”

The writers of Bird Box go further. Sandra Bullock’s character, Malorie, names her two children “Girl” and “Boy” before giving them actual names at the end of the movie. This obviously assumes their gender in the most direct and derogatory way. Child abuse is a crime, yet this movie is glorified despite it’s main protagonist taking part in the most vile form of it.

Bird Box is full of right wing propaganda and anyone who has a Netflix account should immediately disable their account, boycott Netflix and vote blue in the next upcoming election. It’s the right thing to do.


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