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Reports of PTSD triggered in college students seeing “Leftist Tears Hot or Cold” Tumbler

College students shouldn't have to suffer the traumatic experiences of seeing these hateful cups

PTSD is a real thing and more millennial college students are feeling symptoms of this debilitating mental affliction than any time in history. Not only are college students across the nation plagued with having to see MAGA hats being worn by intolerant and bigoted Trump supporters, there have been reports that other college students are being triggered by the “Leftist Tears Hot or Cold” tumbler – a popular item among followers of the bigoted and antisemitic new outlet, The Daily Wire.

Let’s break down what the Leftist Tears Hot or Cold tumbler is. It was designed and created by Ben Shapiro, a white nationalist and intolerant bigoted conservative, and promises to give one out to anyone who gets the “annual subscription” to his hateful podcast. The vessel is simply a tumbler with the words “Leftist Tears Hot or Cold” seared hatefully onto the side as a reminder that if you’re a liberal, you’re not worth living. You’re meaningless. You’re not even human.

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This, for obvious reasons, is a traumatic concept to take in and there’s no reason for millennial college students to be subjected to such a high degree of public scrutiny. A person holding a mug like this is essentially saying, “Hey, we hate you, everything about you, you don’t matter and if you’re sad because of income inequality and racism in the world, then $%&# you.”

Someone sat next to me in my class holding one of those… mugs. I couldn’t contain my tears and I began hyperventilating. I had to leave. I couldn’t stay in that class any longer. I sprinted to the nearest cry closet and was forced to deal with it like a grown up for the next six hours. It was awful and no one should have to go through what I went through. No one.

  • Newton Pierre Crandice, 27, UC Santa Cruz

For this reason, over a thousand students in 2018 have reported symptoms of severe PTSD when seeing them on campus – so much to the point where the safe spaces and cry closets in these schools are filled to capacity, overrun, and have waiting lings but it’s perfectly acceptable for anyone to cut in those lines and come in to the cry closets when it’s not yet their turn.

We live in a country of enablers. Enablers of Trump’s bigotry and hatred. Items of white supremacy such as the “Leftist Tears Hot or Cold” tumbler have no place on college campuses or our great nation.

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