Democrats propose bill that would allow abortions in High School nurse offices and it’s awesome

If passed, we will be one step closer to true equality.

Let’s face it – women’s rights are being attacked across the board by sexist and bigoted conservatives to the point where it’s almost unbelievable. We know that the only thing women want in life is their right to terminate pregnancies and to be paid vastly more than what they are now. It’s really that simple and that’s really it.

With the new influx of Democrats in the House of Representatives sworn in this week, the blue wave is taking effect. On day one, these new Democrats have proposed a bill that would allow High School nurse offices to perform abortion on high school teens who have fallen pregnant. Take that, Trump!

I really hope this proposition passes. I would have loved this when I was in High School. I got pregnant left and right and got abortions from Planned Parenthood every step of the way – but that was inconvenient. Getting abortions in High School nurse offices it the peak of convenience!

  • Sarah Pladdington, 19

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This proposition upsets pro-lifers so much that you can’t help but to just smile at your own moral superiority over these hateful bigots who are losing ground on their efforts to strip women of everything they are entitled to. This is a great step in the right direction and if passed, will greatly improve the life and lives of High School students across the nation.


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