Prominent scientist warns Ocasio-Cortez Derangement Disorder (OCDD) ‘Rampant’ in conservatives

Conservatives are more scared of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez than we are of Trump

Following the midterm congressional elections, a growing number of Republicans and conservatives are becoming afflicted with debilitating cases of Ocasio-Cortez Derangement Disorder (OCDD), according to a very distinguished scientist.

“Conservatives have always been known to be rabidly opposed to helping their fellow persons by embracing socialism, but the levels of hatred we are now seeing due to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ election are so intense they qualify as a psychiatric disorder,” said head of Gender Studies at Brown University Letensia Snyder-Reams-Martinez. “You can literally see Republican heads exploding every time she Tweets something and the conservative mob replies to her. OCDD is running rampant among conservatives.”

Ocasio-Cortez has baffled conservative pundits with her rapid wit and her uncanny grasp of economics, which she minored in at Boston University.

During her recent 60 Minutes interview, she chastised Republicans for their insistence upon basing decisions on facts and not feelings.

“I think there‚Äôs a lot of people more concerned about being precisely, factually, and semantically correct than about being morally right,” fired the socialist sensation at the right wing bigots.

Her statements on 60 Minutes, as well as her dancing in a 10 year old music video earlier in the week set off a firestorm on Twitter with literally hundreds of thousands of Republicans expressing outrage over her opinions and her dancing.

“That bitch is crazy! But I’d probably nail her after watching her dance!” Tweeted user @thatgirliscracra.

That Tweet is just one example of just how dangerous OCDD has become. Here you have, what I’m certain by the tone of the Tweet, is a middle American entitled white male conservative Republican bigot who has the nerve to literally cyber rape her with his hate speech. Mob mentality like this man displays is a side affect of OCDD.

  • Letensia Snyder-Reams-Martinez

Snider-Reams-Martinez also expressed concerns over how Republicans will react once Ocasio-Cortez’ sweeping social reform packages are passed by Congress and implemented across the nation.

“It is utterly terrifying to think how conservatives will react when her $21 trillion healthcare for all plan gets passed in the next couple of months,” she said. “I mean – you saw how crazy Republicans got after Obamacare passed, and that was just a baby step compared to what’s coming. If a maniac fascist like Trump got elected because of Obamacare, imagine what might happen when millions of people afflicted with OCDD go to the polls… I mean what’s next? President Alex Jones?”

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