Green New Deal and why America should sacrifice its economy and middle class for the greater good

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the visionary our country needs

First and foremost, we must recognize that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is an economic genius and anyone who doesn’t agree is a traitor to the country. After being sworn in, she danced into congress spearheading the Green New Deal – a proposal that will guarantee 100% renewable energy and gender-based equal pay within 10 years. It’s a proposition that will tackle climate change, sexism and bigotry after its inception. In other words – a huge middle finger to Trump.

When asked how this will be paid for, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez simply said we will have to raise taxes across the board, more so for the rich. People at the tippy tippy top top tippy top who are making ten million per year will pay upwards of 70% tax. We haven’t talked to any millionaires ourselves, but we know that they’d be okay with that and certainly wouldn’t leave the country or seek out loopholes.

Generally speaking, economic professionals on both sides have criticized this plan, saying it may have adverse effects on our economy and middle class. To that, the obvious answer should be – so what?

We should sacrifice our entire economy and middle class if that means in 10 year’s time, everyone will be driving a Prius, having solar panels in their back yards and paying taxes to China and India because at least – and this is important – at least we will have made the world’s air quality a teeny tiny bit better and slowed down the effects of climate change ever so slightly.

If that doesn’t sound worth sacrificing the economic well-being of the country for generations to come, you’re a traitor to your nation and your people.

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Extreme times call for some extreme measures. Despite the fact that America is not the only country contributing to climate change and that other countries like China, India and Russia are economic giants who are not even close to pulling their own weight in the fight against climate change, we should lead by example. If we sacrifice our economy and middle class, other countries won’t take advantage of our momentary and historic weakness – they will join us.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a visionary, years ahead of her time. Her piercing economic wit will be the saving grace of our fallen nation. After the disaster of Donald Trump, she is someone we need at the forefront of thought.


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