New trend among liberals knocking down their house walls to protest Trump wall

Liberals are destroying their own walls so a wall doesn't have to be built on the southern border

With Trump doing everything in his power to construct a wall – a huge monument to racism along our southern border, many liberals are taking this opportunity to protest in a unique, brave and powerful way. Left leaning citizens are taking it upon themselves to knock down the walls of their own houses and homes in solidarity with open border policies.

It’s quite simple and should be encouraged – walls are racist and keeping outsiders out is an immoral move. Building a wall along our southern border is akin to saying “you’re not welcome here.” Therefore, by taking sledgehammers to one’s own walls, the message of openness and inclusiveness is loud and clear.

We spoke with Nancy Pericroft of the No Walls movement and here’s what she had to say:

Walls are bigoted. If we all muster up the courage to knock down our own walls in our own houses, exposing ourselves to any “threats” of the outside world, this should send a message to Trump and his supporters. If we will tear down our own walls, what makes them think we won’t tear down the wall built at the southern border?

  • Nancy Pericroft, founder of the No Walls movement

This movement is similar to those leaving their doors unlocked in solidarity with open border policies, only taken one step further. It’s important to lead by example and if we are to say that we don’t need a wall at our southern border, we don’t need walls anywhere. Liberals across the nation are taking hammers and equipment to the foundation of their own homes, destroying their own property and screaming out into the heavens their disdain for Trump’s racist policies and their supporters. Only then will it be apparent who the real crazy people are.

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