Voter fraud is just a way for people to fully express themselves and should be praised

It's not cheating. It just shows how passionate you are.

Conservatives like to slap the big label of “voter fraud” for any votes that aren’t for them. What they don’t realize is that “voter fraud” is simply a way for people to express themselves. If you really want something and you “cheat” to get it, what does that say about you? Does it mean that you’re dishonest and shouldn’t be trusted? Or maybe it means that you are passionate about what you believe in that you put the rules as a secondary priority.

Liberal values and socialism are ideas worth bending a few of the rules for. As it stands right now, it’s unlawful for undocumented immigrants to vote. It’s also illegal to vote twice. Furthermore, if a vote is made in the name of a deceased individual, that vote should not count.

In the 2018 midterms, we made a staggering observation. Most of these cases of “voter fraud” happened in the direction of Democrat candidates and liberal propositions. What does this tell us? This means that the people of this nation want Democrats in office so much that they are willing to be put in the “fraud” category in order to do so.

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If people are willing to cheat to get what they want, this isn’t selfish. It’s passionate. America was founded on a passion for freedom of choice and if individuals choose to break whatever rules may be currently set in place in order to achieve a goal, this shouldn’t be looked at as unlawful. It should be praised, taken seriously and most importantly, counted.

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