Universities facing backlash for not providing free tampons in men’s restrooms

It's 2019. Men can have periods and get pregnant too. It's time for equal treatment.

By now, it’s almost common knowledge that population of transgender individuals is on the rise, yet there are institutions that are simply not providing adequate accommodations for this growing demographic. It’s 2019 so there’s no excuse for ignoring the existence of male to female or female to male transgender individuals – most of which collectively attend liberal colleges and universities.

There have been countless cases of men (F to M transgender men) becoming pregnant at a particularly regular basis. Furthermore, it’s no secret that these men get periods when they aren’t pregnant. It’s important to note that these individuals identify as male so this makes them 100% male. They are men – and they are men who are fully capable of getting periods.

So why don’t universities, many of which are liberal safe havens chalk full much needed safe spaces and cry closets, lacking appropriate hygiene products for these new men? It’s unacceptable that these institutions aren’t providing tampons to men when they are the ones who need it most.

I’m a fully transitioned male but biology has never been on my side. I still get my monthly cycle regardless of how I identify or how loudly I shout my preferred pronoun to unsuspecting passersby. If I go into a women’s restroom, they’ll think I’m raping them. If I go into a men’s restroom where I belong, there are no tampons. I can’t be expected to have any with me, the school should provide them for free – yet I can’t get them in my own bathroom. This is reprehensible.

  • Chadette Mansonbro, transgender student at UC Irvine

Liberals attending universities across the nation are threatening to protest and riot the campuses until the staff and faculty fill the men’s bathrooms to the brim with tampons. It’s 2019, it’s needed and it’s unacceptable that there are so-called liberal institutions that are still so far to the right that they may as well burn crosses outside the campus library – because that’s exactly what it’s like when there are no available tampons in men’s bathrooms.

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