If you didn’t vote for him, he’s not your president. Plain and simple.

It's time to admit that "not my president" is a legitimate and meaningful phrase

Many conservatives love to tout the idea that just because Donald Trump was elected president – questionably through the dubious electoral college process and 99% of his campaign ran by Russia – that somehow that makes him the legitimate president of all US citizens. Put simply, he isn’t.

America is a complete 100% Democracy. It’s what the founding fathers wanted and if they were alive today, they would be floored by the abominable results of our broken system. Donald Trump won the electoral vote, but he got close to nothing in the popular vote. Why? Because no one wanted him for president.

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Well he’s been in office for two full years but that doesn’t mean that he is everyone’s president. Some voted for Bernie Sanders and most voted for Hillary Clinton. Truthfully, if you didn’t vote for Donald Trump, he his not your president. In a Democracy, you’re lead by whoever you vote for. If you voted for Hillary, she is your president. If you voted for Bernie, he is your president. If you were a bigoted racist who voted for Donald Trump, then yes, he is your president, not anyone else’s.

The only way we can have a president that leads the entire country – a president who is truly a president of all US citizens, if if the president is a liberal Democrat who wants medicare for all. Anything outside that reasonable scope is simply not worthy of being president, nor should they be treated as such.

Diversity is our strength. Here is a picture of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, future savior of America


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