Four Ways Bernie Sanders Can Still Become President of the United States in 2019

There's still hope and a future to believe in. Bernie Sanders could still be president in 2019.

It’s never really too late to give up hope that Bernie Sanders could become president in 2019. Since Vladimir Putin personally hacked the 2016 election, Trump essentially stole the presidency. It makes no difference that Bernie Sanders even lost to Hillary Clinton who in turn, lost to Donald Trump himself – there’s still a glimmer of hope for a Sanders administration. The Trump presidency is on a knife’s edge and thin ice and is surviving solely on borrowed time. Here are four ways that Bernie Sanders can still become President of the United States in 2019.

1) The Democrats Impeach Trump

Within moments of taking back the house, Democrats have already moved to impeach Trump. If this goes through, Hillary Clinton would become the president by default. However, due to a private conversation between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders back in 2017, Hillary promised that she would make him president of the United States should Trump gets impeached any time during his presidency. Therefore, if Trump’s presidential termination at the hands of the new wave Democrats moves forward, Bernie Sanders would become the president.

2) Brenda Snipes Recounts the 2016 Presidential Votes

Brenda Snipes can recount the votes of the 2016 election. There has been a fortunate tenancy for a liberal swing in the vote results when individuals such as Brenda Snipes takes her swing at the count. If every state in the nation had a recount and the results turned out to be overwhelmingly favored among Bernie Sanders even today – he could become president. Since there’s a strong chance that Bernie Sanders won the popular vote in the 2016 election, this would immediately change the results of the electoral college count as well. Just like that, we’d have a president Bernie Sanders in 2019.

3) A Constitutional Petition

Never underestimate the power of a good petition. These are taken more seriously than midterm elections. If Citizens were to collectively gather and create an official Bernie Sanders campaign to put him into office, Bernie Sanders could become the president of the United States should the petition garner at least 70 million signatures – which is comparable to the amount of popular votes received by Hillary. Furthermore, members of the migrant caravan would be able to sign this petition as well. Since there are thousands of new Democrat voters joining the ranks every month, this petition would be easier to win.

4) Donald Trump Resigns from Office and Appoints Bernie Sanders

Though relatively unlikely, it can’t be ruled out. Given Trump’s performance during his two years in office, impeachment is literally around the corner, if not inevitable. If this happens, this would open the door wide open for Trump to appoint Bernie Sanders as his replacement. Should this happen, Nancy Pelosi would become vice president and Chuck Schumer would become speaker of the house.

There’s still hope for a Bernie Sanders presidency and we may not need to wait for 2020 for that to happen. We must not give up hope that there’s still a future to believe in! Just because the election occurred two years ago and the results have been accepted does not mean that it’s over for Bernie.


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