Liberals are now pouring boiling water on themselves to protest Trump’s border wall

If this doesn't stop Trump from pushing his wall agenda, he is worse than we thought.

A new influx of liberals are embarking on a brave new tactic to protest Trump’s border wall agenda. Democrat voters are resisting the plan for a wall along our southern border by pouring boiling water on themselves and recording it. The idea is that if Trump sees what his agenda is making them do, he will promptly withdraw his plan to construct such a large monument to white supremacy.

We spoke to one of these protesters and here’s what he had to say:

I understand the health risks behind protesting in this manner. I do not encourage anyone to do this unless they know what could happen. I’m a professional protester and I voluntarily boiled a pot of water and poured it on my head for open borders. I suffered third degree burns and my life is miserable but it was for a good cause.

  • Norton Pericroft, feminist dance theory major at UC Irvine

This is a dangerous form of protest and shouldn’t be done by anyone without understanding the health risks involved. Third degree burns require medical attention. However, this goes to show just how far liberals are going to fight for what they believe in.

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It’s a form of self-inflicted discomfort similar to a hunger strike. If Trump wants to hold the country hostage over his border wall in the form of shutting down the government, then it makes perfect sense to many liberals to hold themselves hostage. Their third degree burns could easily be prevented if Trump simply caves to their demands of rescinding his wall proposal and promising medicare for all.

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