“Glocks for POCs” initiative to arm only people of color and disarm white men

Finally a move to restore racial balance to the country

It’s no secret that white males conservatives love to cling to their guns and their second amendment while at the same time, aiming to take guns away from people of color. This is the cycle of systemic oppression that keeps marginalized groups of people in our country down. That’s why a social activist of liberal millennials from University of California, Santa Cruz have started an organization called “Glocks for POCs”.

Glocks for POCs aims to provide people of color, regardless of criminal history or background, a firearm. At the same time, Glocks for POCs aims to remove firearms from dangerous white men who are naturally infected with toxic masculinity.

I founded Glocks for POCs for one reason only – to arm people of color and disarm white people. I feel places like Chicago and other inner cities will be a lot safer if every POC has a gun while all police officers do not. We are starting by raising money to arm every member of Black Lives Matter. We will also sue the NRA.

  • Craig Craigson McCraigerton, founder of Glocks for POCs

The motive for this wholesome organization, if taken to it’s fullest extent, will finally restore balance to America. Make no mistake – Glocks for POCs aims to put people of color at the top where they belong. Cisgendered white males have had it too good in this country so one by one, people of color will get the reparations they deserve.

Furthermore, if republicans begin to see that people of color are receiving free firearms, they may finally move forward with the rational end-goal to ban all guns entirely and repeal the second amendment. One can only hope.


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