Mandatory gender transformation for men with too much toxic masculinity – a perfect solution

The gender equality we need through the force necessary in this country.

Toxic masculinity is a trait carried with almost every cis-gendered white male. With exception of those who’s diet intake consists of 92% soy-based products, most men are afflicted with a form of toxic masculinity ranging from mild to severe. The answer to such an affliction is mandated gender transformation, both hormonal and surgical.

Mild toxic masculinity takes the form of catcalling, flirting with women who are out of the league of the male in question, and starting at a woman for more than four seconds without her written consent. This is dangerous and on it’s way to severe toxic masculinity, which is generally considered rape.

Toxic masculinity is when a man physically touches a woman without her written consent or a court-ordered injunction. This includes, but is not limited to, hugging a woman without her consent, high-fiving a woman without her consent, or the absolute worst – slapping a woman on her rear end without her consent. This is essentially the most brutal form of rape and sexual assault – no different than actual violent rape or sexual assault.

Mild or toxic, it would be addressed in the same way – mandatory gender transformation. Students from UC, Santa Cruz are mobilizing to push a political campaign that would require a mandatory gender transformation for anyone after one allegation. Not one offense – just one allegation. This is what we need.

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All it would take is for a woman to simply point her finger at a toxic cis-gendered man and accuse him of some form of sexual assault. From there, the man would be taken into custody and started on a series of hormone injections and a soy-based diet, mandatorily. After four months of this, the man will undergo full gender transformation surgery.

Should the man feel the need to sexually assault a woman in any way that makes a woman feel even slightly uncomfortable, that man would rightfully undergo the procedures necessary to live the rest of his life as the opposite gender. This is called justice and this is a form of forced gender equality that we need in this country.

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