A $15 federal minimum wage would actually be GREAT for small businesses and start ups and here’s why

Raising the minimum wage would benefit small businesses the most

If there’s one thing that conservative love to rant about, it’s the idea that hiking the minimum wage up to a $15 livable wage, it’s that it would cripple small businesses. Small localized establishments who take pride in being able to hire any employees at all would be greatly benefited by a federal law mandating them to pay their employees more than the can afford.

In the words of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, it’s more important to be morally right than to be factually correct. In this case, the numbers add up pretty substantially that raising the minimum wage drastically would almost immediately cripple many small businesses. Though this fact is undisputed, it’s important to ignore it and focus on the moral good that this proposal would be doing.

Employees would be paid more – and that’s a good thing.

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Anyone who is against the idea of minimum wage and low-skilled workers getting paid more than what their labor is worth is a traitor to the country. No one should live paycheck to paycheck. No one should wonder if they will have enough money at the end of the week. If someone is making minimum wage, it’s the employer’s fault for offering that amount as compensation – certainly not the employee’s fault for accepting a low wage in the first place.

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