Study shows wall is vulnerable to high powered saws, bombs, and wrecking balls.

Study reveals that Trump's border wall will be ineffective

If there’s one thing that we know about Trump’s proposed border wall, it’s that it will be completely ineffective and vulnerable to penetration. A recent study came out where individuals tested the integrity of Trump’s wall prototypes in San Diego – and the results were eye-opening.

A huge weakness in even the toughest of border wall prototypes showed its vulnerability to the likes of high powered saws, bombs and wrecking balls. If your first line of defense can be rendered useless with thousands of dollars worth of demolition equipment, how can we expect this to keep out immigrants? It’s completely unrealistic and the wall is simply not impervious and impenetrable like Trump both claims and wants.

Trump claims that no one would be able to get through his wall. We put one of his prototypes to the test. Regular hand saws didn’t work but after spending a few thousand dollars on some power saws, it cut through his wall like butter. Later we rented some typical demolition equipment and after a few tries, we busted down the prototype like it was nothing. I’m telling ya – these walls won’t keep anyone out!

  • Charles Percy Napoleon, head of project

Make no mistake – Mexico is an impoverished nation and there’s no reason why the individuals fleeing from economic and political turmoil won’t be carrying thousands of dollars of high powered saws and explosives with them. This would just further show the determination of these immigrants to leave their country and enter ours – and why we should let them in.


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