Making America Fashionable Again – what to wear for social justice

Because in order to protest inequality, you must look better than everyone else

By Laurel Peters – Fashion Editor

As we work toward social justice, we need to remember the virtue of our causes while advancing sustainable, just fashion trends. With protest season coming up, keep in mind how your fashion choices affect our causes and message.

Linda Sarsour makes social justice seamless, trendy and cool. Look to icons like her for fashion forward direction. When Linda makes a speech in the cold, we know the rhetoric will be hot in large part due to her look. Checkout how Linda sports a Patagonia down sweater jacket ($229) a custom Dahar Dirka Hijab ($199), Patigonia’s W’s Wind Shield Pants ($159.00) and Everlain loafers ($168). Few could pull off a look so on trend for under $1,000.

I shudder to think what the speech would have been if she wore a Burlington puffer vest ($24.99) and New Balance sneakers ($49.95). Nothing says “I’m not fully committed to the social justice movement” more than wearing a generic brand, which doesn’t advocate for progressive causes.

North Face is still an acceptable brand for a quick trip to Whole Foods to pick up some riced cauliflower. But if you are taking an afternoon off for a drive in your Subaru to a Farmers Market or if you plan on zipping into the city in your Prius to plan an urban protest, Patagonia is always on trend without being trendy. Its entire catalogue is a must have. I am obsessed with Patagonia and check the company website daily to see if they have new offerings.

What’s great about Patagonia is that you can find the perfect Patty Puffer and then pair it with the perfect cause. Fashion choices will change if you are attending a Black Lives Matter rally or if you are raising money to stop a new in-fill housing project. The Patagonia website gives great advice as to what look will go with what activity and charity. But always remember to pair clashing colors with matte pastels and buff khaki.

The key is that we progressives need to look ubiquitous. Seeing a Patagonia logo lets fellow progressives know the person is safe, and supports higher taxes on the rich.

Fashionable liberal protester standing up for her rights as a woman vs your typical Trump supporter. They all look like this and we didn’t just google “Ugly Trump Supporter” and cherry pick.

Trump supporters are known for wearing pajamas to Walmart. Some of the Patagonia looks could be confused with wearing pajamas in public to those outside the progressive movement. The look we go for is “Chic Bohemian.” The key is that we want to spend a lot of money while not looking like we spent nearly as much. Those without housing will not know your faded green corduroy pants cost $120, but leaders of the resistance like Linda, AOC, and Liz Warren appreciate the fashion flair.

So here is to all the ladies, non-binaries of the resistance who appreciate fashion as much as much as our Guatemalan housekeepers. Let’s make 2019 fashionable, while impeaching Trump!

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