Toxic masculinity at an all time low after impactful Gillette ad released

Cases of toxic masculinity almost vanish overnight

On January 13th, Gillette released an ad that tackled the very real problem of toxic masculinity. NPC Daily has interviewed hundreds of people who shared their solutions to such a detrimental affliction – many of which involving things from mandatory hormone treatment of young boys to mandatory gender transformation surgery and procedures.

Though these are all fantastic ideas, none of them have taken the reigns of the fight against toxic masculinity quite like Gillette did two days ago. With their “We Believe: The Best Men Can Be | Gillette (Short Film)” release, Gillette urged men to look out for signs of toxic masculinity in ways that have put a complete halt on the epidemic.

This is profound. Two days ago, the country was overrun by harassment, sexual assault, rape, physical assault, murder and crime but since that ad has been released, it has slowed down to a crawl. We interviewed a formerly toxic male and got his perspective after seeing the ad.

So there I was, putting on my rape shoes and practicing my sexual harassment pickup lines this morning. I just got done cyberbullying my coworkers. It was time to shave. I yelled at my wife to smile because I demanded it while pinching her butt right after she told me she didn’t consent to it. Putting on the shaving cream and thinking about how I can get my son into a fight at the next BBQ, I replaced the worn Gillette Mach3 and began to chant “boys will be boys” as I started to shave. Then suddenly my daughter burst into the bathroom holding her phone. As I began to mansplain to her shy she isn’t smart enough to know my shaving time is my time, she showed me the new Gillette ad. I realized how my every view and behavior I’ve ever held dear was wrong. I’m calling in sick at the toxic masculinity factory today and registering Democrat. Thanks Gillette, now excuse me while I help to impeach.

  • Chad Chaderson, formerly toxic male from the chan

As if the switch was flipped overnight, many men across the nation have switched their dairy intake to an almost pure soy-based product, many have been voluntarily taking estrogen and other feminine hormone supplements and some have even began a voluntary gender transformation. This is huge and all thanks to the “woke” work at Gillette.

It’s amazing the impact of a factually and culturally accurate and in-touch advertisement can make on a population. With more videos like these, the last shred of masculinity will leave America in a generation or two, leaving nothing but effeminate liberals who choose not to fight. This is what our founding parental figures wanted, and it’s what we’re heading towards.


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