Opinion: We should boycott McDonald’s for catering the bigoted Trump Administration

McDonald's shouldn't have taken Trump's order

If there’s one word that describes McDonald’s, it would be enabler. Trump is running the most racist and vile administration that this country has ever seen. Any person or any company that has any association with Donald Trump is just as racist and bigoted, if not more.

Yesterday, Trump ordered thousands of hamburgers from McDonald’s and shared them at the White House with the Clemson Tigers as they celebrated their national championship. The facts are clear – if McDonald’s received an order for thousands of McDonald’s combo meals to be delivered to the White House or picked up by a White House affiliate, they should have denied them.

McDonald’s has every right to refuse service to anyone. All companies do – with a special exception to bakeries who refuse to bake cakes for same-sex weddings. Because of this, McDonald’s had every right to deny Trump his request. They didn’t. In essence, this make the entire franchise, it’s restaurants in all locations, it’s workers, employees and everyone who eats a McDonald’s burger from here on out equally as racist and bigoted as Trump is himself.

I didn’t know that Trump had close ties with McDonald’s. After I heard about that, I nearly felt sick to my stomach. I almost threw up the four big macs I ate on my way to the LA strike. I can’t dilate in peace without thinking about the fact that my favorite restaurant has ties with our bigot in chief.

  • Lois Cratropolous, POS Liberals Arts Major, UC Palm Springs

McDonald’s is an enabler and by taking the order from the Trump administration, they have proven to be anti-gay, anti-Mexican, anti-woman, transphobic, bigoted and a company who’s values are shot.


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