Why baby “gender reveal” parties are actually sexist and bigoted hate crimes

Gender reveal parties are bigoted and should be banned

We’ve all seen them yet so many people think nothing of them. Baby “gender reveal” parties have become more of a cultural norm in America, with a dramatic increase in creativity over time. Expecting parents would invite their loved ones over, they bring out a box and when the moment comes, the box opens and a series of pink or blue balloons floats up as the onlookers cheer. “It’s a boy!” or “It’s a girl!” they exclaim as they hug each other in joyous revelation.

This is hate and intolerance to the absolute highest degree.

First and foremost, these gender reveals assume that the soon-to-be-born human will identify as one of the following. One might as well have a “career reveal” day for a baby who has yet to be born. You would never even dream of seeing a pregnant mother tell all of her loved ones that her child will for sure grow up to be a podiatrist. Why is it better to assume that a child would for sure be either a boy or a girl?

Or neither! Perhaps the individual will be a gender non-binary transgender person of color. It’s one layer of bigotry to assume one’s gender before asking for their preferred pronouns – but it’s another level of intolerance to assign a gender to an unborn baby who can’t even defend itself.

I was on my way home from the women’s march protest when I passed by a white family outside of a house in a suburban neighborhood celebrating a gender reveal. The happy looking pregnant mother and father popped a balloon and an array of light blue confetti exploded out. They all yelled “It’s a boy!” and cheered. My face turned flush. I yelled at the top of my lungs, charged at the family and started knocking over their trashcans, barbecue, folding tables and told them how sexist and bigoted they are for disrupting the peace. I then called the police. Intolerance like that can’t be tolerated.

  • Susanne Oliver-Yates, strong independent non-binary genderqueer

That’s why there is a cultural push to ban gender reveal parties and label them as the hate crimes that they are.


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