UC Irvine activists push to classify conservatives as a hate group

It's time we admit what the conservative party really is

At this point, it’s almost common knowledge that conservatives, as a general group or demographic, have dangerous ideas and propagate rhetoric that go against our righteous liberal values.

We want to give free healthcare to everyone at the taxpayer’s expense, they want to have everyone pay for their own health care. We want to let everyone in completely unchecked, un-vetted and we want open borders, they want an enforced immigration system.

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As we well know, we are right and anyone who opposes our liberal values or ideas are simply traitors to the country and shouldn’t be taken seriously. Therefore, it is only fitting that a group of political science majors from UC Irvine are pushing to classify conservatives and the entire conservative movement and base as an official hate group.

Everything that stands against our liberal values is hateful by default and since conservatives are the antithesis of everything we stand for, it’s almost a surprise that they’re not considered a hate group yet.

  • Norton P. Clarence, UCI Liberal Studies Study Group President

Once they are considered a hate group, the entire conservative and Republican base would be prohibited from running for any office or holding any governmental position – just like we would never expect there to actually be an “American Nazi Party” taken seriously in our politics, conservatives (which are pretty much Nazis anyway) would be classified accordingly. This leaves only one party to dominate – and that would be the liberal left. This is what America needs and what our country deserves.


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