White supremacist Andrew Lawrence mansplaining against minorities and POC – authorities did nothing

Yet another example of white supremacy being left unchecked in our schools

Local authorities are refusing to arrest white supremacist Andrew Lawrence following a vicious mansplaining attack against an innocent POC.

Irami Osei-Frimping of the University of Georgia was educating millennial students on the need for racial segregation when Lawrence, a former congressional intern with the party known for its racism, interrupted with a brutal tirade that cannot be printed without violating NPC Daily’s safe speech policy, developed in partnership with community standards pioneers Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg.

A video clip of Lawrence’s hateful ramblings is available below, but be warned — it is not for the easily triggered. WARNING: NOT SAFE FOR WOKE.


Lawrence’s crimes are as numerous as they are shocking. In addition to flagrantly mansplaining to a protected minority — and thus mansplaining to literally all minorities everywhere — Lawrence is guilty of racism and appropriating LGBT culture for political gain. (Lawrence is a Republican. No further explanation is required.)

Furthermore, Lawrence not only interrupted a POC, he also interrupted a womxn of unknown racial and gender identity. According to NPC Daily legal advisor Russell Davis, that is literally manterrupting.

NPC Daily stands by Osei-Frimping’s assertion that white people are racist, autistic sociopaths and will continue to cover this developing story with the hope that hate criminal Andrew Lawrence may yet be brought to justice.

Diversity is our strength.

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