MAGA hat wearing high school teen displays the most racist gesture in the history of racism and bigotry

It's unspeakable how racist this gesture was as he stood there, menacingly.

On January 19th, our country saw one of the most racist gestures made by a straight white individual – worse than anyone has ever seen. A threateningly white high school teenager with a Make America Great Again Hat by the name of Nick Sandmann stood in front of Nathan Phillips, a Native American Vietnam vet – and smirked at him.

Our country has seen oppression and unjustified persecution at exorbitant levels in the past. Our nation has endured and overcame Jim Crow laws, internment camps, lynchings, segregation, the 2016 election – but nothing is worse than the harrassment interpreted by the very act of Sandmann standing in front of Phillips, and smiling as his MAGA hat wearing posse stood near him.

I saw the video of the MAGA hat teen harassing the native american vet. I saw him smiling smugly at the vet. Nothing else was really happening but I knew I was supposed to feel the outrage that I do right now. I can’t believe it. I’m ashamed to be American.

This is bad. Why? Because he’s a straight white male staring at an oppressed Native American – a person of color – and smirking while wearing a MAGA hat.

One may ask if there was any more to this story or encounter. Were they violent? Were they shouting racial slurs? Did anything else happen? To those questions, the obvious reaction is and should be – should it matter?

The boy was wearing a MAGA hat and just stood there – menacingly.

This is what our country has turned in to. This is the lowest of the low and our descendants will look at this part of American history in shame. This moment of time will go down in infamy as a dark moment in our country’s history. Welcome to Trump’s America.

If you have been victimized by someone wearing a MAGA hat in a similar fashion, please click here to report your traumatic event. Your case will be evaluated closely and if you qualify, you may be entitled to compensation.

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