Kathy Griffin considering legal action against MAGA-hat teen on grounds of harassment and why that’s a good thing

America is no place to defend yourself against the social justice left

Kathy Griffin is considering legal action against racist MAGA hat-wearing teen Nicholas Sandmann, whose crimes against the indigenous peoples of North America, NPC Daily has been following closely.

Sources say the actress found herself the victim of online harassment this past Sunday after taking to Twitter to disclose her strongly-held belief that racist Nazi MAGA-hatted children should be held publicly accountable for being racist Nazi MAGA-hatted children.

Expressing such an opinion on Twitter required a great deal of courage on Ms. Griffin’s part, as the Internet is a notoriously-unsafe space where Nazis roam freely and feminists are forced to email themselves death threats to raise awareness about patriarchal cyber culture.

A Brett Kavanaugh in the making, cis white Sandmann chose to single Kathy out from the other 336 million Twitter users, retweeting her in the same smug manner he previously weaponized against war-hero-of-indigenous-personhood Nathan Phillips.

The little orange acolyte’s retweet was viewed by over 2.4 million Nazis on Twitter alone before going viral on Facebook.

According to close friend Neville Percival Croft, shy Ms. Griffin was mortified by the attention and turned to Nathan Phillips for support.  A renowned civil rights activist and strong proponent of whites-free safe spaces for college students, Mr. Phillips naturally rushed to her defense.

@TwitterSupport was so moved by Mr. Phillips’s heartfelt plea for social justice that they immediately suspended Nicholas Sandmann’s account, effectively putting Trump supporters everywhere on notice that targeted harassment of verified checkmark accounts will not be tolerated.

NPC Daily applauds Twitter‘s intolerance of unverified hate and wishes Ms. Griffin and Michael Avenatti the very best in their lawsuit against this misogynistic child and his white supremacist family.

If you have been victimized by someone wearing a MAGA hat in a similar fashion, please click here to report your traumatic event. Your case will be evaluated closely and if you qualify, you may be entitled to compensation.

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