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“Smirking While White” could soon be considered a punishable offense

Why it's important to know when and when not to smirk

“Smirking” is the act of smiling smugly, knowing full well that you’re either getting away with a crime, or failing to conceal your ill-mannered intentions. It’s no secret that white men are among the main perpetrators of toxic masculinity and though there are many efforts and proposals put forward to combat this situation, it’s important to know when to recognize ill-mannered smirking when you see it.

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As seen by the Nick Sandmann from the racist confrontation on Sunday afternoon, the MAGA hat-wearing teenager “smirked” at a Native American Vietnam vet as his crew of Trump supporters unrelentingly harassed him by means of standing there. He was white, wearing a MAGA hat and smirking – and we as a society can’t stand for this.

That’s why cultural science majors from UC Irvine and proposing a ban on “smirking while white.” If this becomes a piece of legislation, it will become a punishable offense to smirk in public while being a straight white male. If you’re wearing a MAGA hat while doing so – straight to either jail or mandatory hormone treatment therapy.

There is no place in our great liberal country for individual to get away with racist and bigoted actions such as smirking while white. We’ve seen it with Nick Sandmann, we’ve seen it with Brett Kavanaugh and we’ve seen it with Donald Trump himself.

If you have been victimized by someone wearing a MAGA hat in a similar fashion, please click here to report your traumatic event. Your case will be evaluated closely and if you qualify, you may be entitled to compensation.

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