Hate Crimes

“Someone in a MAGA hat looked at me and now I feel harassed” victims of MAGA hat hate crimes skyrocket

Many people are becoming traumatized by individuals with different opinions looking at them - share your story

We’ve been hearing it more and more over the past few months and all of it culminated at the Women’s March on Sunday, January 19th when a hatefully bigoted teen wearing a MAGA hate hatefully stared at a Native American while being white.

Hundreds of thousands of women and people of color are victimized almost every hour in America why a person wearing a MAGA hat. Simply wearing a MAGA hat and looking in someone’s direction while wearing it is akin to a gesture of hate.

Someone in a MAGA hat looked at me and now I feel harassed. He was just passing by on the sidewalk and glanced at me – probably noticing my many facial piercings, pink mohawk, tattoos across my neck and chest and the fact that I was wearing nothing but assless chaps – but he looked at me for more than two seconds while wearing a MAGA hat. I feel hurt and offended. I feel assaulted. I’ll be seeing a therapist again this Thursday.

  • Alex “The Pink Cootie” Sally-Sue, resident of Santa Barbara California

This is one of hundreds of emails we get every day regarding the hateful treatment casual citizens get from hateful bigots wearing their favorite red hat.

If you have been personally victimized by someone wearing a MAGA hat in a similar fashion, please click here to report your traumatic event. Your case will be evaluated closely and if you qualify, you may be entitled to compensation.

Click here to fill out the NPC Harrassment Form

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