Brave liberals who vowed hunger strike during government shut down hospitalized

It takes real bravery to put your life on the line for a cause you believe in

When the democrats Trump shut down the government because the Democrats wouldn’t pay for his border wall – or his racist monument to white supremacy – he shut down the government entirely. Brave and stunning liberals from across the nation had vowed a hunger strike for the entire duration of the shut down in solidarity with open borders and un-vetted immigration.

Though these liberals are voicing their opposition to Trump’s policies in a respectful way, there have been some unforeseen consequences – many of them risk starving to death. A third of them possess the necessary body weight and extra mass necessary to undergo a hunger strike for another month or so, but the vast majority of them are rendered hospitalized.

We interviewed one protester from this national liberal hunger strike and his/her/their words stunned us with his/her/their insight and wisdom.

If Trump wants to shut down the government because no one will agree with his stupid wall, he will be an absolute monster to let someone like me starve to death. Though I am hospitalized and on an IV and the doctors and nurses are providing me with the sustenance necessary to stay alive,  I will not take a bite until the government reopens.

  • Po, UC Irvine Protester

Just stunning and brave. However, we cannot stress this enough – We do not recommend anyone go on a hunger strike for this long – considering the very real possibility that Trump will keep this going for years. We can admire the courage it takes to do this, but this is a very dangerous form of protest given the length of time.

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