Rumors that Trump will deliver State of the Union speech during Super Bowl 2019 Halftime show

Trump to deliver SOTU during 2019 Super Bowl halftime show

Ever since the government has been shut down, the annual State of the Union speech was tentative at best as to whether or not it would be delivered at all. However, a new piece of information has been tracked down that could change the entire dynamic.

We heard from the same sources that said Nathan Phillips was an actual Vietnam Vet and that Nick Sandmann’s crowd actually yelled “build the wall” to Native Americans that Trump might plan on delivering his State of the Union speech during the 2019 Super Bowl halftime show.

It was previously scheduled that the Bikini Bottom Super Band would perform Winner Takes All during the halftime show, but that was soon overshadowed by an unprecedented media stunt that could be pulled off by Donald Trump. Furthermore, it’s likely that Trump will ground all flights for the day and the days prior, preventing any of the performers from arriving in the first place (in some cases, stranding them in Afghanistan). We heard the following from our source:

More people in America watch the Super Bowl than anyone else. I’ll bet Trump does his State of the Union address during the halftime show. I heard it from a guy who knows someone who got a hamberder from Trump last week. Don’t quote me on this, please, I’m just speculating.

You heard it here first. Trump will for sure deliver his second State of the Union speech from the 2019 Super Bowl halftime show. Feel free to turn off your televisions or cover your children’s ears so they aren’t subjected to the racism and bigotry of Donald Trump during a family event.


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