More and more liberal millennials are eating dirt to protest income inequality

A new form of internet protest is taking the internet by storm

If there’s one thing liberals know how to do well and effectively, it’s protest against oppression, economic injustice and bigotry. Though some forms of extreme protest are dangerous and should not be tried by anyone, it’s effective in getting their point across.

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Now a new wave of liberal protest is taking the internet by storm. More and more liberals are getting down and dirty and eating dirt from the ground to protest income inequality. This new challenge is not as dangerous as other ones performed by millennial liberals, but if done, should be done with caution.

We spoke with a few liberal protesters who decided to protest income inequality in this manner. Here’s what we heard:

I don’t want to live in a country where billionaires exist in the same plane as huge populations of poor and homeless people. I eat dirt so the billionaires will know that we care. If they don’t surrender the billions of dollars they are sitting on, we will continue to eat dirt.

  • Bryan Bryanson III, president of the UCI “Dirt Eaters for Income Inequality” club

Brave. Stunning. It takes true guts to put your health on the line for a cause you believe in. If enough liberals eat dirt on a regular basis, it’s almost impossible to imagine a scenario where our country’s policies wouldn’t change for the better.


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